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Educational Viewpoint

Children learn by seeing, hearing, and touching God's world in a meaningful learning environment. Educational research reports that all three means are necessary for early brain development to retain information to later learn abstractions, such as reading, writing and math.


     Curriculum consists of learning units, appropriate to the class age-level. Each unit provides progressive learning experiences. Learning centers, which correspond with these units, are converted monthly to provide new and challenging experiences. As a project is introduced, each child is encouraged to begin and complete it.

Spiritual development is encouraged through daily Christian education activities -prayer, songs, stories, and hands-on projects. Once a week all classes receive a visit from
Pastor Moe Redding for "Chapel Time".

Ultimately, we believe that the parent, the child's first resource provided by God, is the best teacher. Our job at LOC Christian Preschool is to help instill a love of learning in his/her first 'school' setting.


It is the philosophy and firm belief of Light of Christ Christian Preschool that each child is uniquely created by God with individual gifts and abilities. It is our overall goal to encourage the growth of the "whole child" through each one's spiritual, social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development.

Daily routines are planned to enrich, motivate, challenge, and reinforce children in an environment where each one is respected as an individual.

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LOCP does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, age, handicap, gender or national/ethnic origin in the administration of educational or admissions policies or school-administered programs.